Capoeira — A Brazilian cultural art form and martial art

A fight like a dance and a dance like a fight

Capoeira combines culture, music & dance with gymnastics and martial arts to create a unique form of artistic expression.

Building Community

With a primary emphasis on developing artistic and physical potential, Classes are offered free of cost for qualifying individuals. The only out of pocket cost you pay is for your class uniform.

More than a Workout

Capoeira is a lifestyle and a path for those with the warrior’s spirit. Whether you choose to only train locally or to be introduced to a global community of dynamic martial artists, the choice is yours – Training will always be the core of your potential. – Sign up today →

About Capoeira Vencedor

Capoeira Vencedor is not a group in the traditional sense. Typically, the forming of a distinct capoeira group is a privilege reserved for a Mestre or Contra-Mestre. Capoeira Vencedor is more like a club where we function mostly like a group but with certain limitations. At the same time, it is structured to relieve other limitations that are often encountered with most other capoeira groups. At the center though is a focus on the art and a maintaining of the high standards impressed upon me from my teachers before.

I will often say that capoeira is the warrior’s dance and the spirit that animates capoeira is the warrior spirit. While Capoeira Vencedor is not a traditional group, it still needs a name. In an attempt to represent the warrior spirit I chose the word vencedor, meaning victor. This is to evoke images of warriors or gladiators engaging in battle, struggling for victory, glory, and freedom. Every civilization and culture has its warriors, and while the culture may differ, the animating sprit is the same. It is this warrior spirit that drives competition, the struggle for self-improvement and the pursuit of excellence.